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3 Youtubers who help you get things done

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew is currently my favourite self-improvement YouTuber. I fell in love with his style of videos, but I don't know what makes them so appealing to me. Maybe it is the background music or the fact that in his videos is no unnecessary fluff. But what I like about him the most is how he documents his search for mental clarity. To find it, he experiments with many different things like journaling, minimalism and many more. His approach to this project doesn't involve anything "revolutionary", but it is more like rediscovering how to live. And this is what makes me rethink my approach to certain areas of my life every time I watch his videos.

Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is actually the one who inspired me to start this website. Thanks to him, I overcame the initial barrier that kept me from writing. Ali is a junior doctor living in Cambridge and, his videos mainly exploring ideas that should make it easier for you to live a happier, healthier and more productive life. I disliked Ali when I first stumbled on him. I don't know exactly why. Maybe it was because I thought that he is "Mr. Perfect" who never does anything wrong. I just totally dehumanized him. But at the end of the year, he published a video where he goes about his biggest rejections and failures in life and, more recent video of him advising his 18-year old self. And I immediately changed my mind about him because I saw him in a totally different light. The videos that find the most value right now are his study tips.

Matt D'Avella

For me, Matt D'Avella is someone right Between Ali and Nathaniel. He focuses both on productivity and mental clarity. What I like the most about Matt is the approach he has for creating videos. He always delivers videos of top quality. Matt is a minimalist and, he really dives deep into this topic (He had actually filmed two Netflix documentaries about minimalism.)