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3 Podcasts for fresh prespective

TED Radio hour

One day, I was browsing through the podcasts in search of what to listen to next, and I found TED radio hour, and I fell in love with it. I tried listening to other podcasts associated with TED (TED talks daily etc.), but I didn't enjoy the format. But the TED radio hour is fundamentally different. In each episode, Manoush Zomorodi explores various ides around the same theme (Power of breath, Climate mindset etc.) and discuss them with a TED speaker who had given a talk on this particular topic. First of all, I really like the host. She always asks the questions I would ask. Secondly, the background music is mesmerizing, and it perfectly complements the theme. The last thing is that every time I listen to the end, I have this feeling of peacefulness. For me, the TED radio hour is a must-listen.

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

Bill Gates is one of the people I look up to. I look up to him, not because of his wealth but for the things he is doing trying to solve the worlds biggest problems (If you want to learn more, I highly recommend watching Netflix's short series Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates ). In this podcast, Bill and Rashida go over big problems. What I liked how an unlikely amazing duo they were. Rashida looks at issues from the viewpoint of the average person like you and me. Bill, on the other hand, looks at the problem the different perspectives point out surprising connections. But what I like about this podcast the most is that it leaves me with a feeling of hope.

The Anthropocene Reviewed

I discovered this podcast by John Green when I was watching a video he made in collaboration with Kurzgesagt: In the Nutshell (Great science YouTube channel btw.) in which he played the part of the podcast. Immediately after the video, I listened to the full episode and, I just couldn't stop. I fell in love with how poetically John reviews different aspects of humanity. And his ability to make me interested in something as mundane as a Dr Pepper left me genuinely amazed.