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3 Creators Who Think Outside the Box

Beau Miles

I discovered this channel thanks to the YouTube algorithm, and I immediately fell in love with it. The main thing that I love about him is his approach to adventure and life. Because he shows that you don't have to travel far abroad or climb Mount Everest to have a great adventure. All of his films have amazingly high quality, from the edits to sound design. And for me, whenever I watch his films, it is a special occasion.

The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment is by no means a new channel, it has been around since 2014, but I only started watching it recently. The creator and host of the channel is curator Sarah Urist Green (Her husband is the writer John Green and they often appear on the channel together). There is just something about the way in which she presents art and it's history that makes me feel awe and wonder. If you have ever thought of art history as dull, uninteresting, or you were shaking your head over the prices of modern art, then The Art Assignment is something you definitely need to watch.

Alex (AKA Frenchguycooking)

I've never thought that I'll be so interested in cooking, but Alex had changed my mind by showing me that everything can be interesting. I stumbled on him when the lockdown started, and he has undoubtedly become my favourite cooking channel. His channel is not the classic "how to cook " channel, it is way more experimental (Probably thanks to his background in engineering), from building a custom knife cabinet to hacking his oven.